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You’re Beautifully Broken

This is Plumb. She is easily one of the most talented Christian musicians today and has produced many songs close to my heart.

I only recently discovered this song even though it’s been out for 4 years. While I was thrilled with the song because it’s about overcoming challenges, upon watching the video I understood her intention better.

We still have an epidemic of young ladies harming themselves today. As a man I can’t claim to completely understand this phenomena. But heart goes out to every young woman who is compelled to do this.

One thing I know for sure is that no matter what our conception of Divinity is, there is a Divine Intelligence beyond most of human comprehension that is available to you as a source of strength. While your physical scars may not heal, your emotional scars certainly can!

Any prayer, offered with a sincere heart, will reach Divinity. Believe that.

I hope this song gives you some peace.

~ James