Remote Viewing Skinny Bob

Many other Remote Viewers have RVed “Skinny Bob” in the past, but I had not. I came across this photograph in my Blind Target Pool. I got what many other Viewers got, that is a real alien.

Now my personal perspective, based on previous RV sessions, is that aliens have been monitoring us and tinkering with our DNA for a long time. And I’m convinced that they are not only interested in us because of our nuclear weapons, but because of our psychic development as well. We are a unique species to be sure.

Make no mistake about it, the psychic development of the human race is inextricably linked to extraterrestrial phenomena.


Hello Adoring Fans! I am going to be publishing Podcasts on my channel ( more frequently, simply because I love podcasting and they are easier to produce than videos. I am not forgetting videos, but I won’t be making many for the moment.

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~ James

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Remote Viewing Lizzy Bordon

This is an example of one of the more gritty targets that one can gather information about with Remote Viewing.

Lizzie Borden was tried and acquitted of the horrific axe murder of her father and step-mother, which took place on August 4th, 1892 in Fall River, Massachusetts.

The police bungled the investigation from the beginning, coming up with a jumbled ‘timeline’ of the events which led to Lizzie being the only suspect. To say that Coroners had a primitive method of determining the time of death is being gracious. They got the time of death wrong far more frequently then they got it right.

The truth is that two male assailants had made their way into the back of the house and dispatched Andrew and Abby Borden. They had been hired by one of Andrew’s business enemies, of which he had many.

Despite being acquitted, Lizzie was ostracized by the town of Fall River. Nevertheless, she chose to live there for the rest of her life. She had flowers placed on her father’s grave every week for the rest of her life.

Her case is a travesty, since the police lost valuable time needed to track down the real killers by fixating on Lizzie. None of us truly know how we would react under such stressful circumstances until they arise. To have such a special father/daughter bond so maliciously mocked by bad police work and shallow gossips will always strike me as tragic irony.

We will have a Remote Viewing Workshop in March were you can learn to RV intriguing people, places and events accurately. Keep an eye for future announcements. ~ James