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The Death of John F. Kennedy Jr.

On July 16, 1999, John F. Kennedy, Jr. departed from Essex County Airport in Fairfield, New Jersey, at the controls of his Piper Saratoga light aircraft. His wife Carolyn and sister-in-law Lauren Bessette were passengers.

Kennedy’s destination was Barnstable Municipal Airport in Massachusetts. He crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Over the years there have been many conspiracy theories about Kennedy not being dead. Many in the QAnon movement are convinced that Juan O. Savin is Kennedy in disguise. I am not discounting some conspiracy theories. Despite the mainstream media insisting no conspiracy theories are true, many are. This just isn’t one of them. Juan O. Savin is not Kennedy.

I Remote Viewed this years ago. John F. Kennedy Jr. fell victim to exactly what the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) officially concluded: spatial disorientation. While he was descending over the Atlantic at night he slammed right into the ocean never even realizing how close he was to it. All three victims, John, Carolyn and Lauren were killed on impact.

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