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Best Approach to Narcissism

This is the best answer I’ve seen as to why narcissists exist and why they can’t change. ~ James

“Narcissists are created in loveless homes, by loveless families.

“There will always be people who love power more than anything else,

“And these people will often seek each other out,

“And they’re very likely to give birth to narcissists.

“Narcissists have always been with us, narcissists will always be with us. On the day you die, there will be more narcissists in existence than on the day you were born.

“So what to do about it?

“The anonymous Indian proverb has it that we can either cover the world with leather, or wear moccasins.

“To protect yourself from narcissists, you need to get moving. You need to have goals, dreams, ambitions — not materialistic, mercenary, grasping ones like a narcissists and psychopaths do, but meaningful goals that will express your spirit, which will manifest your soul into the material world. Narcissists have no chance against a man or a woman on a mission, trying to slow down, bother, impede such a person will result in nothing but grievous narcissistic wounds.

“Every badly sung tune with awkward guitar accompaniment, clumsy attempt at DIY, new friend made at the bus stop takes you further away from the nightmare realms of narcissists and narcissism, and one more step into the safety of the real world.

“Investing yourself in the universe is your best protection against narcissism, both your own, and that of others too.

“Narcissism is fundamentally about a lack of worth, and a retreat into fantasy to compensate. Doing things that you consider valuable, important, spiritual are your sword and shield against the evils of obsession with self image.

“Light dispels the darkness,”

~ Robert Torbay

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