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No Social Media Valentine’s Day!

Men, this Valentine’s Day is on a Monday. One of the things I hear the most in my private psychic practice is about a lack of romance. However, I’m going to make a radical suggestion by the end of this post pertaining to romance! Make sure you read to the end.

No matter how much your sweetheart may say she’s not big on Valentine’s Day, I can assure you I hear stories every year about how beautiful the day was or how lousy it was!

No matter how ‘romance averse’ your girlfriend or wife seems to be, I can assure you she’s dying for some flowers (preferably roses) and chocolates at a minimum! You do not have to celebrate V day on the actual day, but if you have plans for another day, make sure to let her know now, so she’s not disappointed.

The best thing to do as I’ve said in a previous post is to tailor your plans to her. Does she love the beach? Make sure you plan a walk on the beach! Does she love small, intricate keepsakes? Make sure to include a few (or order them from Amazon now)!

Make sure your efforts are unique and thoughtfully designed just for

I’m going to suggest avoiding one other thing which is KILLING romance across the board! For just that one day, preferably the WHOLE day, remove social media apps from your phone! Unless you have small children at home that a babysitter is watching or reckless teenagers that might get into trouble, consider leaving your phone at home! If you want to take photos of the evening with your phone,
great. But remove the social media apps. Don’t turn them down or
silence your phone; delete the apps!

And tell your sweetheart that that is exactly what you’re going to do! Let her know that for the entire day or at least the evening, she will have your absolute, undivided attention with no interruptions!

It has been proven that there are significant cognitive issues with switching attention from one task to another. And maybe you’re not aware of it because the social media companies have duped you with their addictive strategies. But I assure you that you cannot pay full attention to your sweetheart while constantly looking at your phone!

Your attention is your most valuable commodity and it’s what your sweetheart is craving the most! Tell her that on whatever day you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day, that she will have your full, undivided attention via this method. Don’t be surprised if she tears up, just knowing that she will not be competing for your attention. Let her know that the rest of the world doesn’t matter to you as much as she does!

You might think I’m a lousy psychic for suggesting this, since we intuitives get most of our calls when there’s a problem. But I would be thrilled for less tearful calls! I’d love to hear about how amazing of an evening she had! Now, the evening might be so magical that she is asking me if it’s real! But don’t hold that against her. It’s in her nature to need that kind of reassurance. So before you say that “she’s never
satisfied,” just keep in mind that she is not your male buddy. So stop
expecting her to be.

And honestly, if you’re a good friend, you’ll be telling your buddy to do the same thing Valentine’s Day!

Try it and let me know how your evening goes!

Happy No Social Media/ Valentine’s Day! 🌹

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