Remote Viewing Lizzy Bordon

This is an example of one of the more gritty targets that one can gather information about with Remote Viewing.

Lizzie Borden was tried and acquitted of the horrific axe murder of her father and step-mother, which took place on August 4th, 1892 in Fall River, Massachusetts.

The police bungled the investigation from the beginning, coming up with a jumbled ‘timeline’ of the events which led to Lizzie being the only suspect. To say that Coroners had a primitive method of determining the time of death is being gracious. They got the time of death wrong far more frequently then they got it right.

The truth is that two male assailants had made their way into the back of the house and dispatched Andrew and Abby Borden. They had been hired by one of Andrew’s business enemies, of which he had many.

Despite being acquitted, Lizzie was ostracized by the town of Fall River. Nevertheless, she chose to live there for the rest of her life. She had flowers placed on her father’s grave every week for the rest of her life.

Her case is a travesty, since the police lost valuable time needed to track down the real killers by fixating on Lizzie. None of us truly know how we would react under such stressful circumstances until they arise. To have such a special father/daughter bond so maliciously mocked by bad police work and shallow gossips will always strike me as tragic irony.

We will have a Remote Viewing Workshop in March were you can learn to RV intriguing people, places and events accurately. Keep an eye for future announcements. ~ James

No Social Media Valentine’s Day!

Men, this Valentine’s Day is on a Monday. One of the things I hear the most in my private psychic practice is about a lack of romance. However, I’m going to make a radical suggestion by the end of this post pertaining to romance! Make sure you read to the end.

No matter how much your sweetheart may say she’s not big on Valentine’s Day, I can assure you I hear stories every year about how beautiful the day was or how lousy it was!

No matter how ‘romance averse’ your girlfriend or wife seems to be, I can assure you she’s dying for some flowers (preferably roses) and chocolates at a minimum! You do not have to celebrate V day on the actual day, but if you have plans for another day, make sure to let her know now, so she’s not disappointed.

The best thing to do as I’ve said in a previous post is to tailor your plans to her. Does she love the beach? Make sure you plan a walk on the beach! Does she love small, intricate keepsakes? Make sure to include a few (or order them from Amazon now)!

Make sure your efforts are unique and thoughtfully designed just for

I’m going to suggest avoiding one other thing which is KILLING romance across the board! For just that one day, preferably the WHOLE day, remove social media apps from your phone! Unless you have small children at home that a babysitter is watching or reckless teenagers that might get into trouble, consider leaving your phone at home! If you want to take photos of the evening with your phone,
great. But remove the social media apps. Don’t turn them down or
silence your phone; delete the apps!

And tell your sweetheart that that is exactly what you’re going to do! Let her know that for the entire day or at least the evening, she will have your absolute, undivided attention with no interruptions!

It has been proven that there are significant cognitive issues with switching attention from one task to another. And maybe you’re not aware of it because the social media companies have duped you with their addictive strategies. But I assure you that you cannot pay full attention to your sweetheart while constantly looking at your phone!

Your attention is your most valuable commodity and it’s what your sweetheart is craving the most! Tell her that on whatever day you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day, that she will have your full, undivided attention via this method. Don’t be surprised if she tears up, just knowing that she will not be competing for your attention. Let her know that the rest of the world doesn’t matter to you as much as she does!

You might think I’m a lousy psychic for suggesting this, since we intuitives get most of our calls when there’s a problem. But I would be thrilled for less tearful calls! I’d love to hear about how amazing of an evening she had! Now, the evening might be so magical that she is asking me if it’s real! But don’t hold that against her. It’s in her nature to need that kind of reassurance. So before you say that “she’s never
satisfied,” just keep in mind that she is not your male buddy. So stop
expecting her to be.

And honestly, if you’re a good friend, you’ll be telling your buddy to do the same thing Valentine’s Day!

Try it and let me know how your evening goes!

Happy No Social Media/ Valentine’s Day! 🌹

Classes come to Mystical Works in 2022

Classes at Mystical Works for 2022. We look forward to your comments, questions or suggestions about what interests you most.

These are the general topics. The order of classes will probably change. And while I list them for Morgan and I, we may teach together at times. 


  • Cosmology 101
  • Usui Reiki Level 1 in February 2022 
  • How to connect with the angelic realm 
  • Heavenly host and company
  • How to connect with your guardian angel
  • The Blue Ray and Archangel Michael
  • Elementals-with a focus on dragons and fairies
  • The Ins and Outs of Portals
  • Lunar nodes
  • Her Greatness: The New Earth in the 5D and the Aquarian Age
  • The Return of the Divine Feminine and the Rebirthing of the Divine Masculine in the Aquarian Age
  • The Crystalline Grid and Ley Lines->What and How to Work with Them
  • Shamanism: foundations, how to journey, how to connect with your totem and power animals and much more
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Healing with Crystals 101
  • Tools to Include in your Medicine Bag
  • Dragon Reiki
  • Mediumship-level 1
  • Grounding/protection/cleansing
  • The Foundations of Energy Medicine and Various Modalities
  • The Divine Feminine and the Rose Ray
  • Working with the Violet Ray and the associated Cosmic Beings
  • St Germain and the I Am Presence
  • The Sacred and Holy Heart
  • Astrology 101
  • Chakras and the Luminous Body
  • How to Connect and Work with our Inner Child
  • Our Shadow Self: Working through our Shadows
  • Mind/body/spirit/soul-uniting Western and Eastern medicine and practices
  • Sacred Fire: The Holy Flame, Flame of Life, and Kundalini 
  • Transmuting Unwanted Energies and Restoring Balance in Times of Disarray 


My Entire Year of Courses will be themed under the Seven Stages of Spiritual Alchemy

  • Who are you? The Mystery of Being.
  • Reincarnation
  • The Human Soul
  • Karma
  • Tarot Cards & Divination
  • The Art of Listening
  • Prenatal Influence on the Unborn
  • Pregnancy
  • Psychic Abilities vs. Spirituality
  • Romantic Relationships (You’re doing it all wrong! 😉)
  • Time, Space, Infinity & Eternity
  • Ancient Mystery Schools
  • Cleansing and Protection
  • Cosmic Consciousness
  • Judaism
  • Healing Modalities
  • The Oracle of Delphi 
  • Visualization
  • Pivotal Eternities
  • Buddhism
  • Joan of Arc
  • Hauntings
  • Astral Projection
  • Prayer
  • The Human Aura
  • Clairvoyance
  • Benjamin Franklin & Character Development
  • Narcissism and Personality Disorders
  • The Dark Arts
  • The Cathars
  • Remote Viewing Workshop (2.5 days)

Please contact us at with any questions, comments or suggestions for classes that interest you.

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